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Zhongtai new energy booster photovoltaic poverty alleviation

Author:   Source:   Time:2016-10-19  

In 2016, the national development and reform commission, the state council leading group for poverty alleviation and development office, the national energy administration, CDB and the agricultural development bank of China five ministries jointly issued the opinions of photovoltaic poverty alleviation work file. 
Opinions, points out that before in 2020, mainly in the early stage of the pilot, good light conditions in 16 provinces, 471 county about 35000 by inputting the tent card is funding, is pushed to the whole village to guarantee 2 million document tent card poor without labor ability (including the disabled) annual household income of 3000 yuan of above. Other light conditions good in poor areas can be in accordance with the requirements of the precision poverty alleviation can adjust measures to local conditions to promote the implementation. 
Accurate change previous extensive pattern for poverty alleviation, more emphasis on local conditions, accurate identification, precise management. Therefore for poor families in appropriate areas in light building photovoltaic roof and unified management by photovoltaic enterprise meets the precision all characteristics of the poverty alleviation. This is why pv once pushed on the PPP model for poverty alleviation get wide attention and recognition of the important reasons for the society. 
PPP (Public Private Partnership), namely the public-private Partnership model, is one of the Public infrastructure project financing mode. In this mode, encouraging private enterprise, cooperating with the government, private capital participation in the construction of public infrastructure or provide public products and services. 
New energy technology co., LTD, China and Thailand to follow up the photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects: 

Junan poverty alleviation projects: 

Project location, junan county of linyi in shandong province 
Of linyi junan county 10 MW photovoltaic item for poverty alleviation, involving 24 village, about 1.2 MW construction has been completed, 25 years capacity is about 33 million KWh. Complete 3 mw construction before the end of the year. 

Liaocheng linqing poverty alleviation projects: 

Location of project: linqing city, liaocheng city in shandong province 
Liaocheng linqing county 300 kw photovoltaic poverty alleviation project, finish the grid in October 2016. 25 years power capacity of about 8.5 million KWh. 
Changtu photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects: 

Location of project: tieling changtu seven subsidiary town 
Changtu seven subsidiary town photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, plans to benefit poor for poverty alleviation in 16000, a phase of the pilot construction of 40 families to recently completed grid power. 
Chengde poverty alleviation projects: 

Location of project: chengde city chengde county 
Chengde county total 5 mw photovoltaic poverty alleviation project, has completed 500 kw. This project adopts the 315 w polycrystalline components, is expected to be completed by the end of 2016, this project adopts the mode, credit cooperatives, farmers mutual investment by the government, photovoltaic precision become chengde city pilot project for poverty alleviation project. 
 Danjiangkou city of hubei province poverty alleviation projects: 

Location of project: danjiangkou city 
Danjiangkou city of hubei province 420 kw of poverty alleviation projects, new energy for China and EPC general contracting project, 180 kw grid under construction at present. 
Photovoltaic (pv) poverty alleviation of linfen in Shanxi Province: 

Project location: map of jixian of linfen in Shanxi Province 
Linfen city, Shanxi Province map of jixian 100 kw photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, construction began in August 2015, completed grid power. First year generating capacity of 146000 Kwh, generating income 146000 yuan, 48 families poor, 3000 yuan a year, be precise pilot project for poverty alleviation of linfen. 
Fengning county in village photovoltaic power generation for poverty alleviation projects: 

Project location: chengde FengNing hole as a hole in the mountain village 
Hole village 165 kw photovoltaic power generation for poverty alleviation project covers an area of about 4000 square meters, with a total installed capacity of 165 kw, construction began in August 2016, completed in September grid-connected power generation, the project 165 kw of solar photovoltaic cells components use zhongtai 260 wp polysilicon batteries. The project system first annual output of about 213900 KWh, total power generation of 25 years of about 4.7763 million KWh. Construction cycle of 50 days, full access to the Internet the first year of generating income is 231010 yuan, total 25 years is about 4.327 million yuan. Project investment payback period of about 6.24 years. 
Xingtai guangzong county photovoltaic poverty: 

Location of project: hebei province xingtai guangzong county 
Guangzong county 800 kw of poverty alleviation projects, in September 2016, involves three township five village, with 120 subscribers for the installation, about 200 people benefit from light v poverty alleviation, 25 years power capacity is about 22.11 million KWh, 25 years of total income is about 20 million. 

Xinji city 17 mw photovoltaic precision anti-poverty programs: 

Location of project: xinji city in hebei province 
Xinji city zhongtai new energy power xinji photovoltaic precision out of poverty, poor 3400 households, for each of the poor peasant households in a set of 5 kw photovoltaic roof construction of poverty power station. 
Zhongtai new energy USES advanced photovoltaic products and environmental protection and energy saving technology, the green and efficient photovoltaic pv poverty alleviation projects the overall solution. New energy in China and Thailand in the process of the design and implementation of the project, will fully consider regional conditions in poverty-stricken areas, light conditions, national preferential policies, various factors, such as network access to accurate poverty alleviation work to provide a safe, stable and controllable, adjustable, economic and efficient photovoltaic one-stop comprehensive solutions. 
Baoding zhongtai new energy technology co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of zhongtai group, established complete industry chain of 500 mw photovoltaic industry base. Company registered in 2011, the registered capital for a $, involving the manufacture, processing and sales of solar photovoltaic modules and supporting products, photovoltaic application system, solar lighting, photovoltaic systems, scenery complementary system, solar controller and the inverter and the above product design, research and development, installation services, import and export of goods and managing the enterprise required mechanical equipment spare parts, raw and auxiliary materials sales and other one-stop service of high-tech enterprises.