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Fengning county leadership inspection photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects

Author:   Source:   Time:2016-10-19  

Photovoltaic precision for the implementation of the project for poverty alleviation, on September 28, hebei, transport secretary li, director of the horse head, chengde fengning county office of the secretary, fengning county under the jurisdiction of 26 township and chengde county radio journalist, accompanied by new energy projects in China and personnel, inspection hole township hole village 165 kw photovoltaic construction for poverty alleviation. 
As chengde photovoltaic precise pilot project for poverty alleviation, secretary of the provincial transport for butyl at the scene of the project, details about the construction of this project. FengNing township hole hole village 165 kw photovoltaic power generation project for poverty alleviation, built by baoding zhongtai new energy technology co., LTD., in 2016 starts in August, this project 165 kw solar photovoltaic cells components use zhongtai 260 wp polysilicon batteries. Fengning county belongs to the category of solar irradiation area, has the rich resources of sunshine, the sunshine hours for 4.44 hours, annual peak efficiency is 0.8, the project system first annual output of about 213900 KWh, total power generation of 25 years of about 4.7763 million KWh. Each ten thousand KWH can replace 3.6 tons of standard coal, 25 years can save about 1719.5 tons of standard coal. Carbon dioxide emissions 4470.62 t, sulfur dioxide emissions 14.959 t, nitrogen dioxide emissions 12.72 t, 29.23 t dust emission reductions. 
This project construction cycle 50 days, full access to the Internet the first year of generating income is about 231010 yuan, total 25 years is about 4.327 million yuan. Project investment payback period of about 6.24 years. 
Fengning county office of secretary, points out that pv is both a new way of poverty alleviation work for poverty alleviation, and expand new field of photovoltaic market. The chengde fengning county photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects, for subsequent start pv poverty alleviation project played an exemplary role. 
Transport for butyl was highly praised by the secretary of the China and the innovation of new energy pv poverty alleviation. He pointed out that FengNing building photovoltaic power station this practice for poverty alleviation is play, discover their own advantages, combined with the local natural conditions and geographical advantage, local sunlight zhongtai new source of energy is the result of proactive thinking under the new normal. 
Baoding zhongtai new energy technology co., LTD. Is a subsidiary of zhongtai group, established complete industry chain of 500 mw photovoltaic industry base. Involved in manufacturing, processing and sales of solar photovoltaic modules and supporting products, photovoltaic application system, solar lighting, photovoltaic systems, solar controller and the inverter and the above product design, research and development, installation services, import and export of goods and managing the enterprise required mechanical equipment spare parts, raw and auxiliary materials sales and other one-stop service of high-tech enterprises. 
Visit to a close, fengning county leaders stressed that we take action to implement to speed up the progress of the effect, make sure the project can be responsible for the monitoring grid. County departments concerned should conscientiously do a good job in supervision to ensure that all the work according to the predetermined requirement to finish, try our best to complete fengning county poverty alleviation project at an early date, benefit FengNing people.