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China and Thailand science and technology and the joint insurance, combination, hand in hand and win-win green new energy

Author:   Source:   Time:2016-10-12  

The lack of effective risk control, the important reason for the photovoltaic (pv) power generation has been widely accepted. Recently, baoding new energy technology co., LTD, China and Thailand and state-owned enterprises of the joint property insurance signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides decided to give full play to their respective resource advantages and professional ability, new energy for China and component products, photovoltaic power generation project insurance cooperation together. 
The joint property insurance co., LTD., is the founding of new China's second home insurance company with an independent legal person qualification, is also the first to "China" named national comprehensive insurance company, will provide zhongtai new energy photovoltaic modules insurance underwriting services. Cooperation between the two sides will establish in China and Thailand photovoltaic cell components due to external factors of damage risk to provide corresponding security platform, improving the quality of battery components of credibility, increase the maintenance efficiency of photovoltaic power generation systems, smooth earnings risk, boost the healthy development of photovoltaic industry. 
During the period of insurance, for the following reasons cause damage to the battery components, according to the insurance contract will be responsible for compensation: 
(a) the fire and explosion 
(2) the thunder and lightning, typhoon, tornado, wind, storm, flood, blizzard, hail, sleet, debris flow, YaBeng, sudden unexpected landslides, ground subsidence; 
(3) the flying objects and other air falling objects 
(4) when insurance accident happens, the subject-matter insured for rescue or prevent the spread of a disaster, and reasonable and necessary measures and insurance mark loss; 
(5) after insurance accident happens, the insured to prevent or decrease the loss of the subject-matter insured is necessary, reasonable fee. 
Widely in domestic policy, under the situation of photovoltaic power generation market continues to warm, the joint insurance for China and Thailand photovoltaic power generation to give more support, satisfy investors continued steady income. 
Zhongtai new energy as a leading professional photovoltaic power producers, investors, operators, continuous innovation, in promoting the development of their own at the same time, realize mutual benefit investors and enterprises. The photovoltaic component loss danger, will greatly enhance the safety of photovoltaic power generation project operation, stability and sustainability, guarantee the photovoltaic modules for power generation, to ensure that investors expected earnings for the photovoltaic power generation, effectively safeguard the rights and interests of creditors photovoltaic power station. China and Thailand new energy is not only the photovoltaic industry leader in China, is a professional photovoltaic manufacturers and investors. China and Thailand science and technology, advocate science, innovation, to create first-class quality, pay attention to product quality, the market situation and policy guidance, actively to the downstream of the photovoltaic industry development, to develop the ground station and distributed photovoltaic power projects. The China and Thailand science and technology and the joint property insurance, combining, hand in hand and win-win green new energy!