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South Africa, light and heat power industry called for strengthening the power grid construction

Author:   Source:   Time:2016-10-12  

South African heating industry stakeholders have publicly called for strengthening the power grid access-related work on the grid construction schedule should be given to determine the arrangements.
       This week, Jason van der Poel, a partner at Allen & Overy partner, a consulting firm in South Africa's Photovoltaic Generation Conference in Cape Town this week, told delegates: "We have a clearer timetable for grid construction Arrangements, while large-scale solar thermal power generation projects to invest in a more rational planning and deployment, so its cost to a minimum. "
       South Africa's Eskom Power Company has clearly recognized that access to renewable energy projects is now quite challenging, according to Jason Van der Poel, South African REIPPPP's fourth round of renewable energy independent power plant procurement planning meeting.
       The theme of this conference is the opportunity of South Africa's photothermal power generation industry. South Africa and other countries are invited to attend the conference, and the world's major photothermal investors (mainly from Spain) are invited to attend. The meeting also pointed out that Eskom Power Company due to financial problems caused by the power grid construction uncertainty.
       VanderPoel said: "The shortage of funds seems to be Eskom power companies in the previous rounds of renewable energy projects to promote the reasons for the delay, but now the problem has been taken seriously, and by including emergency funds, loans and increased taxation to be addressed. Hopefully now Eskom will be able to strengthen the grid construction, although this process may take a long time. "
       South Africa's president, Jacob Zuma, after a speech in the National Assembly on Tuesday, Eskom received a $ 23 billion emergency aid from South African Rand, while South African national energy regulators announced a 12.69% increase in tariffs in 2015/16.
       Van der Poel also said, "Some of the provisions of red tape will also affect the progress of the project, and even affect the project and network.
       Another issue that needs to be considered is related issues such as local communities, job creation and localization rates.
           Van der Poel said: "The government is exploring these issues, the private sector also have to go on the right path." He also added that the government should introduce the local economic development plan to guide the policy.
       "Investors are also looking forward to the development of new technologies in this fast-growing industry," said Janier Relancio, head of South African solar consultancy MottMac Donald. They need more censored suppliers.
       "R & D is the key to the development of the CSP industry, we believe that our choice is correct.We want to believe that new technology, we should go from the details of the extensive assessment of this technology, and see this technology is trustworthy.
       From the current trend, thermal energy storage products market demand will be more and more.
       In response to the question "CSP's bank financing is not as good as PV," Relancio said, PV's low risk of bank acceptance is based on its high number of projects and low technical complexity. But PV on the bank's investment returns are getting smaller and smaller.
       For grid access, Relanio said the government would have a very significant role if the system for grid access was more specific.
       "We would like to make it clear in the tender application that the tenderer communicate with the South African Eskom Power Company prior to bidding to confirm that grid access is feasible, so that the energy government does not have to take on additional responsibilities," he added.