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Monocrystalline PV module
Product characteristics
    • 290W
      The highest output power
    • 10 Years
      Materials and process quality assurance
    • PID FREE
      Materials and process quality assurance 
    • 25 Years
      Linear power guarantee 

    Ensure the output power: 2-+5w

    Solid design: the product can withstand 2400 air pressure p, 5400 p snow pressure
    High reliability: there have been hundreds of project cases
    Battery: four grid line, promote efficiency of the component
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Product specifications

ZT270D-30b Peak power270W

ZT275D-30b Peak power275W

ZT280D-30b Peak power280W

ZT285D-30b Peak power285W

ZT290D-30b Peak power290W

The ZTNE60 Cell Series is a standard-size product with a component efficiency of up to 17.9%, making it ideal for all types of applications, from residential roofs to commercial systems or large terrestrial power stations

Quality assurance

China and Thailand ensure that their products in accordance with the installation manual in the normal installation, use and maintenance circumstances, the warranty effective date of 10, will not appear due to defects in materials and production processes do not meet the IEC61215, IEC61730 standard defined serious Defective product.

The ZTNEW60 Cell series is our specialty polycrystalline product line, the most widely used. It is not only suitable for residential and commercial roof systems, but also at an affordable price to meet the needs of public facilities projects.

Power guaranteed

A) Within 1 year, China and Thailand to ensure that the actual component output rate of not less than 97% of the standard output power.

B) from 2 to 24 years, the component's annual power decay is not higher than 0.7%; at the end of the 25th, the component's actual output power is not less than 80% of the standard output power